Today Northamptonshire is not normally associated with major industries other than perhaps agriculture.  A county more for 'passing through' on the way to somewhere else.

The county, however, does have a rich past of industry – quarrying for iron ore, building stone and engineering.  It also has a rich heritage in boot and shoe manufacturing of both national and international significance.  In the eighteenth century there was a thriving woollen textile industry.

The river Nene provided power for many mills as it flowed through the county.  The county was, and is, also strategically positioned on long-distance road, canal and railway routes.

As part of its activities NIAG visits sites relating to the county's industrial heritage and are shown in the following pages.

A few pictures from NIAG's recent summer programme:

fermentation vessels at Nene Valley Brewery
VR cypher seen on a post box in Rushden
winding mechanism for a ground paddle on the Stockton canal
an elevator c1960s on the site of a former farm


More images can be seen in the Picture Gallery.